Many beginning guitarists dream of playing in a band and often join or start one when they get to an intermediate level. Of course it is a new and important skill to learn how to play together with other musicians. Often these guitarists find that the sound they and their band produce is not what they had in mind. Of course there are various factors for this but a lot of problems can be solved by proper mixing of the recorded sounds. Many of my clients ask me about the possibility of recording their band and uploading it to various websites and applications like YouTube, Spotify etc. Even when you are not a member of a band you can create your own complete songs by using mixing programs and drum samples.  In this article I would like to talk about different important tricks, tips and techniques to produce better music that can be uploaded online.

In the past it was often the case that recordings of guitars consisted of milked-up amps, including more tracks than one. Unfortunately this produces an overly dry and dead sound. So I would like to suggest a different style of processing. Rock is of course a music genre that is defined by the instrument combo of a guitar, drums and a bass guitar, often accompanied by singing.  It became very popular for the first time in the fifties when Elvis Presley was one of the first big stars in the genre. The origin of rock music is the country, blues and a big drum sound.  The rock genre evolved quickly after its rise to popularity. Where it started with Elvis Presley the British invasion gave us the Beatles, Rolling Stones and other great bands. These bands where accompanied by the counter culture of the youth,  also seen as the hippie culture of the sixties. The rock music of this time was seen as psychedelic rock. A lot of the musicians making the music where experimenting with psychedelic drugs. A famous example are the musicians from the band The Doors. Jim Morrison was the lead singer of The Doors and also a poet. He died very young at the age of 27 and became a member of the famous club of the forever 27, a group of famous musicians that died at this age. Many of these musicians where from the sixties but Kurt Cobain died in the 1990’s at this age and later Amy Winehouse joined the club. Many of these musicians died of drug overdoses or suicide.

Kurt Cobain’s music  was part of a rock genre called Grunge. His band was called nirvana and the drums where played by Dave Grohl. Kurt Cobain was a brilliant songwriter but he was deeply troubled by his own mind. They only made two albums but there music is still very relevant to this day. An important aspect of rock music has always been to be critical of the power of the government and the establishment. Most fans of the rock genre have historically been young people. Kurt became a drugs addict and especially did a lot of heroin. In 1994 Kurt Cobain tried to commit suicide but failed and was hospitalized in Rome. However the day after that he was found dead. He had shot himself with a shotgun. Although there are a lot of theories that he in reality was murdered, this has never been proven.

The band fell apart after the demise of its lead singer and creative head but the drummer Dave Grohl, famous for his spectacular drum sounds is still a successful musician in several bands.